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SVI MU 3210

SVI 32” Multi-User 3D Display - The perfect choice for Digital Signage
Astounding 3D images from a medium sized display that’s designed for professional use! This 32” screen features everything you’ve come to expect from SVI 5-View technology: great resolution, optimal brightness, and sharp, crisp 3D—all in a package that’s easily portable. It’s the ideal display for advertising, marketing, and product presentations—from architectural to engineering, and beyond. This screen wows at tradeshows and conferences, and is a natural attention getter for promotional sales in malls and hotels. It’s the perfect choice for information systems at rail stations, airports, museums, training centers, and of course, as the star attraction in your board room. SVI glasses-free 3D knows no bounds.

SVI MU 1913
SVI 19” Multi-User 3D Display - Big 3D Bang for the Buck
An entry level screen that’s well suited for creating advanced 3D graphics in marketing, engineering, medical, or Geo Information Systems. A truly versatile display that’s equally at home on a workplace desktop as it is in the conference room as a presentation screen. Featuring SVI 5-View technology, this display delivers glasses-free 3D in high resolution, dynamic color depth, and optimal brightness. Not just for beginners, this screen is used by pros and semi-professionals alike. It’s the perfect device for getting into 3D at a 2D price.

SeeFront SU 2119
Spatial viewing at its best — the SeeFront 3D® display system
Spatial View offers a new, high-end Single-User 3D solution: the unique and patented SeeFront technology. This system boasts impressive optical quality: the highest resolution without any loss of brightness. Optimized for use with Spatial View‘s 3D imaging technology, the SeeFront 3D® process makes the integration, preparation, and display of 3D data simple, easy, and precise.

SeeFront 21” 3D Single-User Display Series
Designed to combine the highest possible image quality with the utmost freedom of movement for a single user, this display series is intended for the most demanding professional applications. A tracking system perpetually records the user‘s position and the screen image is updated automatically to match the changing position of the user‘s head, ensuring a comfortable, fuss-free 3D experience.

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